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Montana Medicinals is an online Montana medical marijuana dispensary serving Missoula County and the surrounding area, owned and operated by local healthcare professionals. Our goal is to help you choose the best Medical Marijuana therapy for your medical condition based on your medical history and current medications. Our long-term goal is to build and manage a complete medicinal greenhouse offering other known herbal remedies from around the world and of the highest quality.

We specialize in THC and CBD, offering medical marijuana, medical cannabis, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, solutions, lotions, capsules, suppositories, and specialty products, which are all compounded locally by our Pharm.D. Specialist.

Our Medical Marijuana is 100% Missoula, Montana grown without pesticides, fungicides or insecticides, and we always use organic farming practices.

Meet Our Staff

Jason Schager Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Jason Schager, Pharm.D. Specialist

Jason Schager moved to Missoula, Montana, from western South Dakota in 1998 in search of bigger mountains and better snow. He graduated with his doctorate from the Skaggs School of Pharmacy at the University of Montana in December 2004, and proceeded to work in the fast-paced pharmacy environment for the next 13 years.

Before devoting his work full-time to Montana Medicinals’ Medical Marijuana dispensary, Jason worked in a busy retail pharmacy. There he discovered the value of patient and provider interaction. Jason is passionate about patient care and building relationships. He understands how important it is for patients to have readily available contact with their pharmacist to ensure their best care, and he excels at providing genuine and compassionate guidance based upon a patient’s whole health history and medical needs.

In his personal life, Jason loves to spend time with his wife, children, and family, enjoying all Montana has to offer. The warmer months are spent hiking, camping, rock climbing, getting his feet wet in Montana’s lakes and rivers, and most importantly, having water fights with his children. The colder months are filled with hunting, snowboarding, sledding, and the occasional family snowball fight.

Jason is excited to be involved with Montana Medicinals, to advocate on behalf of patients using Medical Marijuana therapy, and to offer professional guidance and education to help manage conditions in which Medical Marijuana is a part of their overall health treatment plan. He is thrilled to be working in a field he is passionate about and to offer his expertise to his Medical Marijuana patients.

Karen Roellich, RN

Karen Roellich, RN, Director of Clinical Services

Karen Roellich, RN is a mom to 3 young children and nurse specializing in Cannabis Medicine. She has both personal and professional experience working with individuals who have special needs and complex medical histories. Karen began her nursing career with Mayo Clinic working in Pediatrics. To gain further nursing experience, Karen also spent time working in Adult Health, Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care and Geriatrics and Hospice. Karen and her family currently reside in the Flathead Valley and love all that Montana has to offer!

Karen’s professional cannabis education began several years ago. She is certified by Cloverleaf University, Cannabis Careers Institute and is a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association and Cannabis Nurses Network. She is passionate about teaching patients and families how cannabis medicine can help them! Karen’s work has been featured in several publications and she has been a presenter at the Cannabis Science Conference.

Karen was previously employed by Vireo Health which holds cannabis dispensing and cultivation licenses in Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland. During her time with Vireo, Karen was Director of Patient Services and was able to work with some of the most challenging medical cannabis patients in the country. Her experience dosing cannabis oils, tinctures and oral solutions is extensive and has included the training of other cannabis dosing technicians. Karen has consulted with cannabis patients ranging from as young as 9 months old to 94 years old and has seen some miraculous results!

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