We are open Monday-Friday 10-6 and Saturdays 10-5, Closed Sunday

We service all medical card holders and participate in recreational sales for adults 21 years of age or older.

The application process to become a Montana Medical Marijuana cardholder can be confusing. Let our friendly staff walk you through the process of getting your card. Montana Medicinals is a dispensary and can not make green card recommendations, however we can save you time by providing you with a list of doctors currently making these recommendations.

We offer high-quality, organically and locally grown marijuana flower and concentrates along with the finest therapeutic CBD products compounded in-house by our staff pharmacist.

We are offering limited delivery services in Missoula at no extra charge to those patients who are immunocompromised and over the age of 65.

If you’re new to cannabis or have a complex medical history, we have a PharmD. Specialist on staff who can provide you with individualized cannabis education over the phone. Please note, Montana State Law does not allow our PharmD. specialist to make green card recommendations, however we can provide you with a list of doctors who can.

Medical dispensary owned
and operated by a State of Montana
licensed pharmacist

Professionally managed
cannabis dosing and prescription

100% Montana grown
without pesticides, fungicides
or insecticides

Custom cannabis compounding
performed by CBD and whole plant
extraction specialists

Our Mission

Montana Medicinals, located in Missoula, MT, is a first-in-class medical marijuana dispensary specializing in THC and CBD, offering medical marijuana, medical cannabis, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, solutions, lotions, capsules, suppositories, and specialty products, which are all compounded locally by our Pharm.D. Specialist. We advocate for you, the patient, to assure you have professional guidance and education to manage conditions in which medical marijuana is a part of your overall health treatment plan. Our long-term goal is to build and manage a complete medicinal greenhouse offering other known herbal remedies from around the world and of the highest quality.

We help you choose the best medical marijuana-based therapy for your medical condition based on your medical history and current medications. Our staff Pharm.D. Specialist is available for a confidential phone-based assessment of your current medical condition and appropriate medical marijuana therapy.

We provide confidential delivery of medical marijuana products by appointment to Missoula County at no extra charge to you. Special arrangements can be made outside of Missoula County.

Grown in Montana medical marijuana

Locally grown, harvested and compounded

100% Organic | medical marijuana dispensary

Sustainably farmed without pesticides, fungicides or insecticides

Fidelity Diagnostics Missoula MT medical marijuana

Quality tested, analyzed and shared with you on our Products page

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